Shoot Hire

If you’re looking to add some motorcycles to your music video or spice up your photo shoot you’ve definitely come to the right place! Here at Active we have more than enough bikes to meet your needs.

Our motorcycles range from some of the best bikes in the market, in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes- not to mention the talented riders themselves! (We can also outsource Quad-bikes and Buggies if required so please do let us know your requirements).

Send us an email or a direct message to our instagram and we’ll be more than happy to discuss a quote with you – just let us know the location, how many hours and the amount of bikes you need then we will do the rest! 

If there’s specific bike or rider your looking for, head over to the Our Ryderz page and let us know which ones you would like.


Whilst we may feature in various music videos, the artists convey these ideas purely for your entertainment and are NOT the views and beliefs of Active Ryderz.

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